Conscience Phantoms

Image created by writer

J’ai peur de la nuit,

Because that’s when I don’t forget

Je regrette la premiere fois,

J’ai vu la feu,

Man’s greatest invention,

Set me in this direction

Right or wrong,

I march to my destination

Do you believe in ghosts?

They only come out at night,

Slice with your buster full of lustre,

They’ll never come back,

You’ll never escape the poltergeists

Phantoms haunt my conscience,

Charter of rights and freedoms doesn’t apply,

They’re violating my freedom of conscience,

“We’re only a reflection of you”

D’accord, mais j’ai vu,


I’m not travelling, are you?

Narcotic nuisance,

Love-hate relationships are the strongest

Somedays I feel,

That I never gave up purity,

I lost it